APS-C DSLR cameras with NFC

APS-C DSLR cameras with NFC

Beginners to the world of photography generally opt for APS-C cameras. These cameras are generally easy to use and also provide great image quality, regardless of how experienced the photographer is. The availability of NFC in your camera can also help you transfer your photos to mobile devices seamlessly, as well as connect to mobile devices to play your images and videos as a slideshow. Here is a set of great APS-C cameras with NFC that you can opt for.

Nikon D5600 Digital Camera

The Nikon D5600 Digital Camera is not just a simple camera, but also a really sophisticated image processing engine. The camera allows for high-speed continuous shooting, and the autofocus system covers a wide area and still offers great precision. The touch screen can be rotated along three axes, and the next generation NFC allows you to share the images you take on the go.

Canon EOS 200D II

The Canon EOS 200D II has a number of features that make taking great images easy, regardless of how experienced you are. It comes with dual pixel CMOS autofocus, alongside eye detection, which allows your human subjects to always stay in focus. NFC connectivity allows you to always stay connected to any mobile device, including using these devices to take photos remotely.

Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y

The Sony Alpha ILCE 6000Y is among the most innovative beginner-level cameras in the industry. It can capture images in a faster manner, so you never miss great moments that last not more than a split second. It can also autofocus on rapid motion scenes through its 4D focus and also supports a large ISO range.

Fujifilm X-T2

The Fujifilm X-T2 features some of the most updated firmware for a beginner-level camera and also has the capability to transfer images quickly through NFC. It has a fast response time, even with autofocus and features a lightweight body that is very sturdy. It is widely compatible with a wide range of devices, and can also be used along with a variety of recording and stabilising hardware.

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