Apple WWDC AR teaser hints at the Reality Pro announcement: Here’s how to try it

Apple WWDC AR teaser hints at the Reality Pro announcement: Here’s how to try it

Apple has put out an AR teaser for WWDC 2023.

The teaser reveals the WWDC starting date, ie., June 5.

Here’s how to view the AR experience.

Apple has released an AR teaser for WWDC 2023. The teaser shows an AR version of the Apple Logo with “June 5, 2023” text. This is when the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is set to take place. The event time is 10:30 PM IST. You can stream it on, possibly Apple’s YouTube channel, and on the Apple TV app. These details are mentioned on the Apple Events page wherein the AR teaser is present. Let’s go through the steps to try it out.

How to experience the WWDC AR teaser


1. Visit the Apple events page on your iPhone or iPad. You will see a colourful Apple logo. 

2. Tap the logo or click on the hyperlinked text: View the AR experience.

Either way, the camera viewfinder opens up with the Apple logo in AR view. You will be instructed to “Move iPhone to start”. With the iPhone’s movement, the logo takes shape and if done right, you will see the WWDC date within the Apple logo’s silhouette.  

The outline doesn’t stay intact and will be in constant motion so you won’t get a proper snapshot of the full logo with the text in place.

Now, there is also an Object view of the logo wherein you don’t have to do anything. The fluid Apple logo and the date text appear automatically on a grey background. Since this is also dynamic by design, it won’t stay intact for long.

The liquidy teaser solidifies the expectation of Apple’s AR/VR/MR headset at WWDC.

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Apple Reality Pro: What we know so far

Apple Reality Pro headset is said to consist of two micro-OLED displays stretching 1.41 inches diagonally. Each of these could also sport 5000 nits of peak brightness, 4K resolution, 120° FoV, and 4,000 PPI pixel density. It could also support HDR visuals.

Besides the inner displays, there will be a regular OLED cover screen sourced from LG. They will be translucent for others to see the wearer’s facial expressions. It will supposedly have a fairly lower refresh rate to ensure lesser power consumption.

The displays are supposedly procured from Sony and could cost about $1500 while the entire unit could be priced at around $3,000. 

The Reality Pro is expected to be compatible with prescription lenses. The rumours are that it could also feature about 2 hours of battery life, with external battery support, 96W charging tech, a proprietary charging cable, USB-C socket, around 15 cameras (for projecting see-through AR representation of the world, environmental awareness, and novel biometric solution), iris scanning for secure sign in and payment authorization, 

On the software and connectivity front, we are expecting what’s being rumoured as xrOS. It is believed to be akin to iOS in some respects for familiarity reasons and could bring certain iOS apps onboard. Besides, you could be getting lifelike avatars, hand/air gestures for interaction/inputs, Fitness+ workout modes (with trainers, we suppose), etc,

Powering all of these are apparently two Mac-level M2 chips.

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