4 hemp rope lights for your home

4 hemp rope lights for your home

Are you looking for creative ways to give your home a vintage or rustic touch? Then you might want to take a look at hemp rope lights! These lights don’t just brighten up a space but create a warm and soothing ambience that makes you reminiscent of the olden days. Plus, since they are cost-effective, they won’t burn a hole in your pocket! If you are searching for hemp rope lights for your home, you might want to keep a few things in mind. This includes shortlisting only lights that have a sturdy base and a durable design and going for only those variants that support Edison lights as they add to the overall vintage atmosphere. Here are four good options of hemp rope lights on Amazon that would be ideal for your home.

Homesake® Wooden Rope Wall Lamps 

The Homesake® Wooden Rope Wall Lamps has an alluring nautical design that can enhance the aura of your home. It can give an elegant and vintage touch to any corner, thanks to its Edison bulbs and rustic rope. Since it gives off warm and ambient light, rest assured it would help you create a comfortable space. It features a 1.2-meter-long flexible rope pendant and a 40-Watt filament bulb. The Homesake® Wooden Rope Wall Lamps offers versatile applications since it can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This includes the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or garden. Plus, it also delivers a seamless installation experience, as all you need to do is screw it into the ceiling, put the bulb inside it, and that’s all!       

Sensational Nation Pendant Light 

The Sensational Nation Pendant Light is perfect for kitchen islands, dining rooms, stairwells, hallways, and other relaxing places, making it a versatile piece of lighting equipment. Thanks to its retro and contemporary design, it can also help create a romantic atmosphere! It comes with an iron-based cage that features a black finish, bringing antique vibes to your home. The light has a 31-inch-long adjustable rope that can be changed as per your requirements. The Sensational Nation Pendant Light is also environmentally friendly as it has a low carbon surface, rust-resistant body, and a power-saving design. Apart from these, some of its other noteworthy features are easy installation and a durable body.  

BrightLyts Rope Hanging Chandelier 

The BrightLyts Rope Hanging Chandelier comes with a black cord that can be adjusted according to the desired lengths. To change the rope length, all you would need to do is simply push the cord through your canopy at the time of installation, and that’s all! As it is made out of metal and is coated with black powder, it can provide a long service life. Moreover, since the BrightLyts Rope Hanging Chandelier includes all mounting hardware and a canopy mounting plate, it delivers a quick and easy installation experience. In addition to these features, it also includes compatibility with filament bulbs and a lightweight design.    

DesiDiya® Pennt Rope Lights 

The DesiDiya® Pennt Rope Lights can turn any space in your home into a conversation piece, owing to its nostalgic Edison bulbs and antique rope. Coming equipped with a 1.2-meter-long flexible rope pendant, you can conveniently change the length of the light to suit your needs. The DesiDiya® Pennt Rope Lights also comes with a complete ceiling fitting, which includes a ceiling cap, a screw, and a nut. Overall, it offers a seamless installation experience. The light is compatible with 40-Watt filament bulbs that can radiate warm light in all directions, further adding to the rustic experience. Some of its other notable specifications are flexible ropes and a nautical design.    

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