15W wireless chargers for Apple Devices

15W wireless chargers for Apple Devices

Wireless charging has made charging multiple devices more convenient, and it is here to stay! It is certainly a notch above wired chargers as it eliminates the need for pesky wires. This means you don’t have to plug-unplug your devices multiple times during charging! If you are on the lookout for wireless chargers for your Apple devices, here are a few good options of 15 W wireless chargers on Amazon that can fast-charge iPhones and other Apple devices.  

Spazy Case 4-in-1 Fast Charging Station 

The Spazy Case 4-in-1 Fast Charging Station can be used to charge Apple Watches, AirPods, Apple Pencils, and iPhones wirelessly at the same time, making it the one solution for all of your charging needs! It is made out of an ABS, environmentally friendly material that helps ensure the charging station can last for a long time. The device also has a temperature control mechanism in place, which means if the temperature exceeds the normal range, the charging will stop immediately. Its magnetic metal support can be adjusted to your preferred angle, and since it is lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it anywhere! Some of its other notable features are a non-slip design, overvoltage protection, and foreign object detection.   

Spazy Case 2-in-1 Wireless Charger 

The Spazy Case 2-in-1 Wireless Charger is powered by advanced ATB technology that helps ensure your devices get charged quickly in little to no time. It has been crafted for most of your Apple devices, making it a versatile device to meet all of your needs.  Featuring a built-in magnetic circle, the charging station offers higher magnetic absorption for stable and efficient charging. The Spazy Case  2-in-1 Wireless Charger also has a multi-functional intelligent chip that protects your Apple devices from overcharging, over-current, and short circuits. Its dual magnetic charging pads can easily fold together, enabling you to take it wherever you go. It also supports both vertical and horizontal charging, thanks to its adjustable holder.      

UNIGEN UNIDOCK 250 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station 

The UNIGEN UNIDOCK 250 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station has an ergonomic design that enables you to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. It comes furnished with an LED indicator that intimates whether the device has been properly plugged in or not. Using a high-quality silicone pad, which can be firmly placed on the desktop, the UNIGEN UNIDOCK Charging Station ensures your devices don’t slip and fall. Fitted with multiple heat dissipation holes at the base, the charging station can keep the temperature low and ensure optimal charging. In addition to these features, the device also delivers protection against overcurrent, over-voltage, and short circuits.    

USB C Power Adapter and 15W Fast Charging Wireless Charger 

The USB C Power Adapter and 15W Fast Charging Wireless Charger leverages Power Delivery technology for rapid charging across supported USB-C powered devices. It features strong magnetism to hold the phone together without sliding and comes equipped with a perfectly centred charging pad for faster charging. Offering protection against overcurrent, short-circuit and over-temperature, the charging station makes sure your devices are safe from every possible electric damage. It is widely compatible with most Apple devices and a few Samsung phones. With quick charging and a sturdy build, the device would give a long and durable service life.    

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