ZeptoLabs to release Pudding Monsters on December 20

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 5 Dec 2012
ZeptoLabs to release Pudding Monsters on December 20

ZeptoLabs, the guys behind the ultra-cute Cut the Rope game have finally unveiled their next venture, a game titled Pudding Monsters. We know that everyone loves pudding and Pixar’s Monsters Inc. have beyond a doubt made monsters go from scary to cute. ZeptoLabs has just brought the two together.


"Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure, with wacky characters and innovative, stick'-em together game-play," ZeptoLab said on the game's website. The game is centered around puzzle solving, with the overlying objective being to come together to save your “dessert” friends from the evil refrigerator owner. As for other details of the game, none are available, except that it will be released on the 20th of December for iPhone, iPad and Android.


Zepto Labs are the gus behind the very popular Cut the Rope game that took iOS and Android by storm. The game is centered on dropping a candy into a little frog’s mouth, but it isn’t as simple as just cutting the tether. As the levels progress, the sequence of cuts becomes more and more complicated, as obstacles and objectives keep getting introduced to make it harder.


If Cut the Rope is a standard to go by, one can definitely expect Pudding Monsters to be equally cute (if not more) and challenging. The game is slated for a December 20th release, with no word on whether it will be free or chargeable. Just to give you a small teaser for what’s coming, here is a small promo video along with some screenshots of the game.



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