Xbox All Access gets you an Xbox console, Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for a monthly fee

By Sameer Mitha | Updated 28 Aug 2018
Xbox All Access gets you an Xbox console, Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for a monthly fee
  • The service is available through Microsoft Stores in the US only for a limited time as of now

Purchasing a gaming console is an expensive proposition today. You must spend a minimum of Rs 25000 to Rs 35000 for the console itself and each new game cost a whopping Rs 4000. Sure, the price of games falls over time but to build a nice library of games requires a significant investment. Microsoft is looking to change that. The company has announced Xbox All Access, a subscription service where the user gets an Xbox console along with subscription to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.


The official Xbox website reads, “For no upfront cost and one low monthly price for 24 months, Xbox All Access gets you a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, access to more than 100 great games through Xbox Game Pass, and online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. That’s more than 100 all-you-can-play games—including highly-anticipated new Xbox One exclusives the day they’re released, plus more games added all the time— the fastest, most reliable gaming network and an Xbox One console.”

Customers can get an Xbox One S with Xbox All Access at $21.99 per month (roughly Rs 1540 per month directly converted). The Xbox One X is available through Xbox All Access at $34.99 per month (roughly Rs 2500 per month directly converted).


The total cost for a two-year subscription to Xbox All Access turns out to be about $528 (roughly Rs 37000 directly converted) for an Xbox One S and $840 (roughly Rs 59,000 directly converted) for an Xbox One X. At current prices, subscription to the services for 2 years and the cost of the console itself comes to about $660 (roughly Rs 46,300 directly converted) for the Xbox One S and $860 (Rs 60,000 directly converted) for the Xbox One X. This is considering customers purchased annual subscription for Xbox Live and Game Pass services.

Even though the price difference isn’t significant, it is the cost the user must pay per month vs the one-time lump sum payment which makes the difference. It is always easier to pay a smaller amount per month than a large lump sum at one go.


In case you are wondering about cancelling the monthly subscription, Microsoft’s FAQ page says, “With Xbox All Access, you are purchasing the console and the 24n month Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold memberships, in full, immediately upon purchase. Outside of the standard Microsoft Store return policy, you cannot return or cancel the console or the 24 month Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live Gold memberships.”

Microsoft Game Pass is a Netflix like subscription that gives you access to more than a hundred games for a monthly/annual fee. Just like Netflix, a few games are introduced to the service each month and a few games leave. All Xbox One exclusive games are a part of Game Pass from launch day. Microsoft has expanded options for gamers with services like Game Pass and Backwards compatibility making its console ideal for those looking to have a large catalogue of games at a lower cost.


Sony on the other hand has subscriptions like PS Now, but it is about streaming PlayStation games and not giving users the ability to download and play them like Game Pass. Sony is also expected to launch its PS5 in 2019 to get a head start over Microsoft’s next console.

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