Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell announces a new indie title, Volume

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 14 Aug 2013
Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell announces a new indie title, Volume
  • Thomas was Alone developer Mike Bithell announces a top-down stealth game 'Volume', due for a launch late 2014.

The indie developer behind last year's Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell has unveiled his next low-budget project-Volume.Described as a top-down stealth game. The new indie title has you controlling an anonymous thief stalking the virtual environment while avoiding detected by enemies.


Even from the footage in the trailer, one can observe how the game's aesthetic is reminiscent of the indie developer's previous efforts with its minimalist design.And the best part, David Housden-who provided the background score for Thomas Was Alone - will partner again with Bithell for his new venture.

The game will also feature a user generated component called the Remix System , each area can be remixed, added and cab be modified by players using in-game tools. The game has a feel to it that would attract the modder community, and has even been described as Metal Gear Solid meets Minecraft.

Bithell firmly supports this open-ended developing style and adds,"This massively opens up the game and hopefully creates a legacy where it’ll take on a life of its own in the community. I’m building on my mechanical depth, I’m building on my storytelling, I’m building on player experience stuff.”You can check out the video trailer below:


At this time, there is no official confirmation of release date or what platforms Volume will be available for upon release. However, we could see a similar trend as Thomas Was Alone, Volume could debut on the PC before later arriving on next-gen consoles and handhelds.Here's a brief update of the designer's Twitter Feed.


Abhinav Mishra

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