Sony PS5 may feature AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU, cost $399: Analyst

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 23 Apr 2019
Sony PS5 may feature AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU, cost $399: Analyst
  • The upcoming PlayStation 5 console is tipped to feature an AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU
  • The console is also tipped to be priced at $399 at launch

In an interview a few days back, Mark Cerny, Lead Architect of the upcoming PlayStation, talked about some of the features of the console. Now though, Pelham Smithers, MD of market research Pelham Smithers Associates, has used that information to possibly deduce the chipset as well as the price tag of the upcoming console.


To recall, Cerny noted that the console, which will most likely be called the PlayStation 5, will offer a third generation octa core AMD Ryzen CPU with a custom variant of the Radeon Navi family of GPUs. He further added that the console would support Ray Tracing, a feature that is currently only available to PC gamers. 

According to a report by Wired, Smithers notes that the new console would require a 7nm 8-core Ryzen CPU that supports ray tracing, is 8K compatible and works with the AMD Navi 20 GPU. This would suggest that Sony would use the AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU, which was unveiled at CES 2019. Smithers believes that by the second half of 2019, the CPU would retail between $80 and $220 per unit, which pegs the price of the console at $399 (approx Rs 27,800). This is usually the launch price of new consoles. In fact, the PlayStation 4 was launched at this price as well.

Of course, we will have to wait for Sony’s official announcement to know anything more about the upcoming console. However, we might have to wait until the latter half of the year. The company has confirmed that it will be skipping the annual E3 conference this year. It also cancelled the PlayStation Experience event last year. This suggests that Sony may be planning a pretty big event, possibly the launch of the new console itself. 

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