PUBG New State game announced for Android and iOS, not available in India

PUBG New State game announced for Android and iOS, not available in India

PUBG Corporation has released a new game called PUBG New State.

The game will release on Android and iOS and is set in the year 2051.

However, the game is not available in India yet.

PUBG Corporation has just announced a brand-new version of the game for smartphones. Called PUBG New State, the game takes the tried and tested battle royale formula of the original game and adds a futuristic twist to it. The game is currently up for pre-registration on Android and iOS. However, the pre-order on iOS is slated to release soon. As an added bonus, players who pre-order the game will get a permanent “Limited Vehicle Skin”. The developers have not yet confirmed when the game will launch for players.

PUBG New State details

The developers have released a trailer for the game, which gives us some insight into what players can expect. The trailer revealed that the game will be set in the year 2051 and will presumably feature a map called Troi. What we know for certain is that the map will be 8x8km in size, which is about the same as Erangel and Miramar. Vehicles like cars, buggies and motorcycles will still be available as usual. The trailer also suggests that there will be drones in the game, however, it seems like these will only be used to drop supply crates.

You can check out more in the trailer below.


While the game is available for pre-registration around the globe. Players in India will still not be able to play the game! At least for now. Trying to pre-register in India leads to a message that the game “isn’t available in your country.” This is most likely due to the ban in place by the Government of India. As such, we don’t know if the game will ever be released in India. Especially considering the fact that PUBG Mobile India is yet to release. Even though the company teased the launch of the game back in Diwali last year. As such, PUBG Mobile fans in the country have little choice other than waiting and praying.

PUBG New State is not available in India yet

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