Moby Dick Studio releases The Phantom Pain teaser; Kojima at the helm?

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 27 Dec 2012
Moby Dick Studio releases The Phantom Pain teaser; Kojima at the helm?
  • From out of nowehere, Moby Dick Studio has emerged, grabbing attention of gamers everywhere with their solo project, The Phantom Pain.

A no-name developer, Moby Dick Studio, has released footage for its upcoming game titled The Phantom Pain. The trailer takes the viewer through what we think is the opening of the game, followed by cut scenes that escalate into a crescendo of tension and high-paced action.


There are a lot of rumours going around the game and the studio developing it. Moby Dick Studio was a completely unheard of entity until they debuted some footage of Phantom Pain at Spike Video Awards. The footage went viral and the studio and its product were instantly put under the scanner of eager fan-boys who thought that there was more at play.

For starters, Moby Dick Studio is based out of Stockholm and founded by CEO Joakim Mogren. If you’re quick with letters, you’d realize that “Joakim” is actually an anagram for “Kojima”, as in Hideo Kojima, the brains, heart and soul behind the Metal Gear Solid games. The last name Mogren contains the words “Ogre,” which also happens to be the title for Kojima’s next project (Project Ogre).

Then there is the footage itself, which never clearly shows the face of the main protagonist, but has his face bandaged up, and many say that if the bandages were replaced by a bandana (and a patch), he’d look just like Big Boss. Getting goosebumps yet? No? Watch the video:


Many are saying that the Studio and Phantom Pain are actually just decoys for the next Metal Gear Solid game and that the whole deal with the video and Spike Video Awards is just a giant publicity stunt by Kojima and his team It doesn’t help that the senior staff on Kojima’s team were seen wearing Moby Dick Studio t-shirts at the Spike Video Awards.

Source: Moby Dick Studio

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