Microsoft sends out doctor's note to Xbox Live subscribers, hilarity ensues

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 21 Nov 2013
Microsoft sends out doctor's note to Xbox Live subscribers, hilarity ensues
  • Looking for an excuse to get out of work? Need to figure out how to ditch college? Microsoft has come to your rescue.

The Xbox One is all set to launch tomorrow, to some rather positive reviews from reviewers. The console launches in the US on the 22nd, but many of us in other nations won’t be graced by the console’s presence till late 2014. However, that didn’t stop Microsoft from sending out a little goody in the form of a mailer.

Xbox Live subscribers across the globe are receiving a mail from Microsoft in the form of a medical certificate addressing bosses all over the world that deems the recipient unfit for any kind of duties. The note states:

“Due to the Zombie Flu your employee will not be able to fulfill the scheduled commitment he/she has with you. Because of the severity of this condition I'm prescribing a heavy dose of Xbox One. He needs to destroy zombies.”

Unfortunately, if you don’t have an Xbox One, chances of you wasting away from the disease called “daily life” will increase exponentially, so we recommend getting yourself an Xbox One by hook or by crook. The good thing is that since Microsoft decided to make the Xbox One a region free console, meaning that a console bought anywhere in the world will work anywhere else in the world,  thanks to the power-brick accepting 110-240V AND the Blu-Ray drive not being region locked for games, unlike the one in the Xbox 360.

Anyway, if you’d like a good laugh, or a ridiculous excuse to get out of work/school/college/humanly duties, then feel free to issue this medical note to the higher authority as you go off decapitating the undead. Holding a machete in your hand while handing the note might be a more effective tactic.


Click on the image below to get the full resolution note.

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