Meridian: New World indie RTS game due in Q2 2014

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 8 Aug 2013
Meridian: New World indie RTS game due in Q2 2014
  • Independent studios Headup games and Elder games new real time strategy game will be launched sometime in Q2 2014 for the PC, brainchild of Hungarian indie developer Ede Tarsloy.

Meridian: New World, a single player sci-fi real-time-strategy game from independent studios Headup Games and Elder Games, is due for a launch in Q2 2014 for the PC. The game's concept is the work of Hungarian indie Ede Tarsoly, who's spent the last two years building the game.


You don the role of Daniel Hanson, commander of the fisrt expedition to planet Meridian. Decisions you make will eventually shape the world around you.

The game has a strong focus on a single-player narrative campaign-offering numerous ways to devise your own strategy, including customizable weapons for your units and special abilities that you can rely upon.A full package of level editing tools will also be available with the game and players can lay their hands on custom maps through a bulit-in downloader.

The decision to exclude multiplayer came as a result of lack of resources."I simply don't have the resources required to polish both a single and a multiplayer mode so I had to make a decision between single and multiplayer," Tarsoly told Joystiq. "I already had part of the story written back when development started, so I decided to develop the single player mode."


Source: Joystiq

Abhinav Mishra

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