FEZ indie game sells over 200,000 copies in one year

By Cyril Vatteli | Updated 17 May 2019
FEZ indie game sells over 200,000 copies in one year
  • The indie game plagued with a protracted development cycle makes it big.

FEZ, an indie game developed by Polytron Incorporations, has sold more than 200,000 units through Xbox Live Arcade, as mentioned in a Polytron blog post.


The blog further says that a there has been a lot of positive feedback for the game over the last year and that a PC release will be on its way on May 1.

Chances of a Wii U or 3DS port of the game are very low as Phil Fish, through his Twitter account, stated on March 25 that unless Nintendo pays for it themselves, they see no reason to release it for the Nintendo gaming consoles.

Phil continues in the blog by thanking all the people who have supported him and FEZ, ending almost every paragraph with a variation of ‘Thank you for that’.

FEZ is a 2-D platformer in a 3-D world with its core gameplay involved with exploration and solving puzzles.First announced in 2007, it suffered a long development cycle, documented in the movie Released in 2012, it sold 20,000 copies and got a metacritic score of 90.

Cyril Vatteli

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