Counter Strike 1.6 comes to Android, here's how to play

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 19 Apr 2016
Counter Strike 1.6 comes to Android, here's how to play
  • It may not be an equivalent experience, but is still awesome!

Counter Strike has been one of the most popular video games of all time, having been played across many multiplayer networks, and in tournaments. Now, developer Alibek Omarov has brought the massively popular first-person shooter to Android. CS 1.6 for Android is not a recreation, or a stream, but is the original game rehashed for the mobile platform.


To play, you will require a Steam account, the CS1.6 APK file, and Xash3D Android from GitHub. Install the CS1.6 APK with omp postfix for multi-core devices, and noomp for incompatible or single-core devices. Then, install Xash3D on your device, and copy cstrike and valve folders from Steam CS1.6 to Xash on the SD card. With this, you’ll be all set to run the CS1.6 client on your Android device.

Sure, the on-screen touch controls are not the ideal, seeing that we are used to playing CS1.6 with a keyboard and mouse. But with Android being the chosen mobile platform, there is better scope for pairing up a device with input peripherals. The gameplay itself seems quite splendid, and there are no visible glitches or flaws here. Check out the trailer below for the visual details:

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