Bioware’s Anthem receives NVIDIA DLSS update that promises to deliver up to 40 percent performance boost

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 26 Mar 2019
Bioware’s Anthem receives NVIDIA DLSS update that promises to deliver up to 40 percent performance boost
  • After installing the latest Nvidia Game Ready driver, one will get the option to enable DLSS in Anthem.

Bioware’s latest co-op action shooter title Anthem is now receiving an update that enables Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and Nvidia Highlights to it. The new update is claimed to deliver up to 40 percent faster performance on Anthem. This is when the DLSS option is switched on for GeForce RTX graphics cards. DLSS is Nvidia’s tech that employs AI to boost frame rates in games that have graphically-intensive workloads. Switching on the new option should help gamers get better frame rates, even at high graphics settings. In addition, Nvidia Highlights is also now available for the game, which automatically captures noteworthy gameplay moments in supported games. 


As per Nvidia, the DLSS should help the most when the graphics card is under maximum load. For Anthem, it will be available on all GeForce RTX GPU at the 3840x2160 resolution and on GeForce RTX 2060, RTX 2070, RTX 2080 at 2560x1440p resolution. Keep in mind that to get DLSS option in-game, one needs to have the latest Nvidia Game Ready driver installed on their PC. “Even though DLSS is now available, our supercomputer never sleeps, and we continue to train and improve our deep learning neural network. When we have performance or image improvements quality, we automatically deliver them straight to your machine via NVIDIA software updates,” Nvidia writes in its blog post.

As for Nvidia Highlight option, users will see an in-game prompt to enable it when they update with the latest Game Ready Driver. Once enabled, the option will capture gameplay for some notable events like when an Apex enemy or dungeon boss is killed. It will also capture footage on downing a legendary enemy, when eliminating more than eight opponents within 10 seconds, or when interacting with a sarcophagus in a tomb. When interacting with an Overlook point, the feature will take a screenshot.

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