Bioware asks Fans what they want the next Mass Effect trilogy to be like

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 21 Nov 2012
Bioware asks Fans what they want the next Mass Effect trilogy to be like

Mass Effect has been one of those trilogies that has garnered a massive fan following. When the trilogy came to an end, many wondered what Bioware would do next. Well, not only has Bioware’s Casey Hudson confirmed that there will be a new trilogy, but he’s reaching out to the fans on what direction they’d like to see the game take.


Casey Hudson asked the fans through a twitter post on whether they’d like to see the game go into a prequel or a sequel direction. The game is currently in early stages of development, so fan input has become crucial to ensuring that the next trilogy doesn’t rub them the wrong way, kind of like the ending of Mass Effect 3.

Speaking of direction, taking a sequel or prequel approach each has some pros and cons. If Bioware does decide to go into prequel mode, then they would have to build up on the events that should logically lead to the events of the trilogy that has just concluded. Many fans have suggested the game be developed around the Prothean-Reaper war. The currently trilogy is heavily based on what the Protheans had achieved, without giving away much about who they really were, what they had achieved and how and how they finally fought the war against the Reapers.

If Bioware takes the sequel route, then the problem would be that it would have to follow from the way Mass Effect 3 ends, which is a huge disappointment in itself. Developing a game that takes place far into the future, nullifying the effects of the current trilogy might be susceptible to not being well tied into the current trilogy, so that’s tricky as well.


Regardless of what route Bioware takes, one thing we know for sure is that there will not be another Shepard as the current Mass Effect trilogy is over. Amongst what fans have asked for is the ability to play as a female version of the protagonist by default, more detail on the back story of events, and the ability to play as a character from another race. Mass Effect has developed such a vast universe of alien races and it’s a shame we didn’t get to play as one of them.

While the Mass Effect trilogy might be over, there is a major DLC named Omega coming up that would delve deeper into the story of Aria T’Loak. You get to fight alongside the rebel leader in taking back her planet Omega which has been seized by Cerberus forces. The DLC is to be released worldwide on November 27, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.There is bad news for those who own a Wii U, as EA has said that DLC Omega (and Leviathan) would not be released for the Wii U, but have said “Never say Never” with regards to the fate of future DLCs for the Nintendo console.


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