New BGMI player? 5 easy tips to instantly play like a pro gamer

New BGMI player? 5 easy tips to instantly play like a pro gamer

BGMI is the revised version of PUBG Mobile

Do Not indulge in gunfights and focus on survival

Get to know the map properly

Banned for what seemed like forever, BGMI has returned to India to delight gamers like never before, and understandably everyone has gone crazy about it. You can’t go through the day without having at least one BGMI-related conversation!

With BGMI returning to India, not only players who know about the game but also newcomers are expressing interest to try it out and find out what’s all the fuss about. 

However, for beginners of BGMI, we have a cheat sheet of sorts, a few basic tricks that would go a long way in helping you play the game like a pro gamer (almost). Here are 5 tips that will help beginners soon become a pro at BGMI. 

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1) Always be aware of the map in BGMI

It is the most crucial and basic trick that every gamer should definitely follow when they start playing the game. The knowledge of BGMI’s map would help you understand which is the best location for the various things related to the game. This would help you understand where you can get in through to a particular place and also get out if you are in trouble. If you know the map, you'll definitely be a survivor in the game and it would turn into a survival strategy for you.

2) Know where you should land

Once you know about the map, you'll also be able to figure out the best landing spot which would be the most beneficial to your gameplay style and accordingly you can time your landing. 


The landing area and timing is very crucial. Your aim is to get the most out of it and not get killed. The landing spot and timings would influence the aforementioned points. 

3) Always play in teams or squads

Unity is strength, and it’s no different for BGMI as well. Truly make a squad with people you know or your friends to have a smooth gameplay experience. It will make things a lot easier than playing with random people put together in a squad. If you and your friends are playing then the communication will be so much better, which matters a lot in the game. 

4) Avoid gunfights as much as possible

In BGMI, survival is the key. Gunfights are the biggest roadblock to progressing through the game, as unnecessary gun fights means losing your health and armour. So if you indulge in  some intense warfare, you win it and then go take cover somewhere. 

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Take cover and heal up and in case if you don't have the necessities required for healing then you should carefully go look out for medkits, first-aid kits instead of indulging in more warfare.

5) Use headphones while you play

Headphones can enhance your gameplay, because you’ll be more aware of the gameplay surroundings – not just in BGMI, but in any game to be honest. If you use headphones you'll be able to properly listen to everything around you, and the faint sound of your enemy's footsteps will also be crystal clear. Headphones with a microphone would also make things easier to communicate between your teammates.

Druti Banerjee

Druti Banerjee

Ayushi is a tech enthusiast learning the ropes while dishing out the latest tech news. And when she's not writing tech news, she loves playing BGMI. View Full Profile
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