Best board games for fans of science fiction and fantasy

Best board games for fans of science fiction and fantasy

Board games are loved by most people. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a newbie, board games can offer hours of fun and entertainment. This is especially true if the board game is in a genre that you’re passionate about. If that genre is science fiction and fantasy, then you’re in luck. There is a wide range of board games related to your favourite sci-fi franchises or based on amazing fantasy concepts that can make for a great pastime or passion. Here are some of the best options available on Amazon that offer a great mix of design specifications and gameplay features.

Monopoly Game: Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition

The Monopoly Star Wars edition merges the popular game with the popular science fiction film franchise. The game will see you go through iconic scenes straight from the movie in chronological order. The title deeds reflect the same, offering a trip down nostalgia lane for fans of the franchise. Instead of hotels and houses, you will build fleets and bases throughout the game, choosing to side with the Empire or the Rebellion with dual-sided tokens. Additionally, the Chance and Community Chest cards, you get to pick from The Force and Smuggler’s Cargo cards when the game instructs you to. The player tokens are also memorable collectables like the Millenium Falcon and the original Death Star.

Mission: Red Planet Board Game

In this steampunk-themed game, players compete as rival mining companies in the Victorian era for resource control on Mars. The two major aspects of this game are area majority and secret role selection, keeping it interesting without making it too complex for beginners to grasp. The game progresses through rocket ships being filled to capacity and shipped off to Mars, with resource tokens being awarded at the end of three rounds based on the area coverage of the astronauts landing on Mars. However, the role selection aspect can give players unique abilities allowing them to alter the plans of their competitors significantly. Mission and Discovery cards make the experience even more interesting.

Rio Grande Games Race for The Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy from Rio Grande is a strategic space civilisation game offering quick and satisfying gameplay. Players can choose to play cards that represent worlds or social and technical developments. Some worlds can produce goods that can be consumed later for card draws or victory points. Technical or social developments can allow more worlds to produce goods. Additionally, secret role choice from the seven available options can give players certain specific bonuses each round, some of which can also be availed through developments. Each card features a wide range of attributes and capabilities that keep the game interesting.

Gamewright Forbidden Island

Offering a fully cooperative gameplay experience, Forbidden Island gives players the opportunity to team against a sinking island to gather four pieces of treasure. The game space is divided into tiles that are locations on an island that sink with each turn as drawn from a Flood draw pile. Additionally, the treasure draw pile gives players unique bonuses and actions and the ability to retrieve a treasure when they have the right cards and are located on the right tile. On the other hand, players can even use one of the three actions available each turn to help other players get the treasure, making this a true team game.

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