12-minute Dark Souls II gameplay revealed

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 14 Feb 2018
12-minute Dark Souls II gameplay revealed
  • We look at the latest video footage revealed of Dark Souls II by IGN.

IGN released a 12-minute gameplay video of Dark Souls II with co-director Yui Tanimura and Namco Bandai discussing the upcoming release and what fans of this wildly popular franchise can expect from the upcoming RPG.


The video revealed footage of the gameplay which imbibes similar elements from its predecessor, apart from a few tweaks in the gameplay. The game looks amazing with a leap in the graphic quality making the world feel alive. Combat still seems to be slow with no apparent flashy combo moves.

The major noticeable difference from the prequel is the use of torch to illuminate dark areas which you will need to carry in one hand and will blow out if you switch back to some other item.


The user interface looks very similar to the previous version with a few minor changes. The life and stamina bars are next to a little moon shaped symbol, while the soul bar looks a little different. The video footage shows the player switching between three weapons in their right hand (a small sword, an axe, then a much larger sword). You' ll also have what are called " key mouths" which are locked switches looking like a creepy face, which require cube-shaped stones to be placed in their mouths to be activated.

And yes, it sure looks like we go to the Painted World of Ariamis (seen below), one of the most enthralling areas in Dark Souls. Described as a place where experiments had been done on dragons in the past. As soon as the player picks up an item in front of him a giant dragon skeleton comes to life.The Painted World of Ariamis is an optional zone in Dark Souls found in the city of Anor Londo. It exists in a sort of cursed-state, trapped in time, and is inhabited by some particularly terrible things, including Crossbreed Priscilla, a part woman-part dragon.


Tanimura sheding some light on the philosophy of the game said, ""One of the spiritual elements to the whole Dark Souls series is the way we storytell. We really encourage and want the player to look into the key - or even small - details that you see throughout the game and really imagine the story for yourself and really try to encompass all the information and create your own story as you play through the game".

The graphics are definitely spruced up with new wind effects and better lightning making the game feel more real. Player animations look better by using motion capture for players. The game looks and feels great comparing footage from the prequel.Improvements have gone mostly into the minute details such as the wind, the grass and the lighting.


The footage revealed definitely makes a point and sure lives up to the expectations of the Dark Souls we know.

Abhinav Mishra

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