Top speakers with Apple AirPlay support

Top speakers with Apple AirPlay support

Apple AirPlay is Apple’s wireless audio and video playback technology. It lets you establish a stable connection and stream music from iPhone and other Apple devices to compatible speakers. Apple AirPlay also works with high audio quality codecs and is quite effective for multi-room setups. Here are some of the best speakers with Apple AirPlay support. 

Sonos One Gen 2 Speaker

Packing in impressive sound quality, the Sonos One is ideal for most use cases. You can use it for all sorts of multimedia content for high-quality audio. The speaker is quite large and offers an impressive dynamic range, audible in music, movies, videos, games, and other content. At the top of the speaker, you can find a host of buttons that can be used to control audio playback. The speaker can connect to sources via a cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay.

Marshall Uxbridge Home Multi-Room Speaker

Marshall audio peripherals are known for professional quality– and this speaker is no different. It offers precise control over music, letting you get the audio quality you want while also presenting dynamic audio presets that you can cycle through. The speakers are quite large and work with all smart assistants, meaning you can control audio playback with your voice. The large size helps enhance the loudness, and despite getting pretty loud, the speakers manage to retain audio quality. There’s an inbuilt microphone for taking calls and listening to voice commands. 

Sonos Roam

A portable speaker from Sonos, this one is ideal for on the go music lovers. Take the speakers with you on an adventure, or just use them at home or when travelling – the speaker has no problem no matter the environment. There are a set of audio playback controls on the speaker's side. You can link input sources via Bluetooth or via Apple AirPlay, both of which support high-quality audio codecs. The connections are stable, and you can rest assured that the speaker won’t let you down. Since it's meant for portability, it also promises decent battery mileage.

DENON Home 250 Wireless Speakers

A large, heavy-duty speaker for large rooms and homes, it is entirely wireless while providing the audio quality and output for a wired speaker. The speakers have an inbuilt subwoofer, two tweeters, and two output speakers. These provide dynamic sound to music and audio in games, shows and movies. All in all, it is a great speaker built to handle all your audio listening needs. It can connect to devices wirelessly via Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth.