Premium 2.1-channel PC speakers for audiophiles

Premium 2.1-channel PC speakers for audiophiles

When it comes to buying speakers for a PC, people often tend to make compromises for the sake of the budget and opt for average speakers. However, if you are a true audiophile, you will certainly be willing to invest in a good speaker system for your PC to get a rich audio experience. To help you find the right set of speakers, we have compiled a list of four premium 2.1 channel PC speakers that you can buy on Amazon. Note that these products have been selected based on their listed features.

Logitech Z625

Here is a compact 2.1 channel PC speaker set from Logitech that is ideal for audiophiles who do not have a lot of room to spare when it comes to their work desk. As per company claims, this premium set of speakers and subwoofer delivers the exact sound that was intended to be heard. The subwoofer can operate at 260W and the satellite speakers operate at 70W each at their peak performance, which means that you should be able to experience loud sounds for short bursts. However, keep in mind that the RMS values stand at 130W and 35W each for the subwoofer and satellite speakers, respectively, which is good enough to get a decent listening experience. Furthermore, the system enables you to connect to three different devices through its 3.5mm and RCA inputs, helping you connect your PC, tablets, gaming console and so on. With easy-to-manage on-speaker volume and bass control buttons, you can customise your listening experience the way you want.

Swans M50W

If you are looking for a premium set of 2.1 channel PC speakers with a classic design, then this model from Swans should do you justice. The big system has two speakers and a subwoofer with a walnut wood finish and piano lacquer trim for a great look. In terms of audio quality, the front speakers have 20mm aluminium tweeters that focus on increasing high-frequency resolution and clarity along with 3-inch drivers to deliver smooth and textured mid-range sounds, as per company claims. Furthermore, the subwoofer system uses 6.5-inch drivers, which should deliver a sound output with an extra punch of bass. Moreover, the subwoofer has a design with flared port tubes, which helps in reducing the wind noise so that you get clear low-frequency sounds, as claimed by the brand. Finally, it has an external control dial for you to operate the speakers easily.

Edifier M3600D

If you are looking for a premium set of 2.1 channel PC speakers with multiple connectivity options, then this model from Edifier should please you. You can connect up to four devices to this set of speakers via options like optical, co-axial, RCA or AUX inputs, enabling you to connect devices like your PC, TV, gaming console and Blu-Ray player. Collectively, it offers an RMS power output of 200W, with 130W from the subwoofer and 35W each from the satellite speaker, which should result in a good listening experience. To deliver such a strong sound output, the subwoofer uses an 8-inch driver and a Class D amplifier in the housing system. If you are watching a movie on your PC or playing games at night, you can easily plug in your headphones using the 3.5mm jack on the satellite speaker to get a more intimate listening experience.

Klipsch Promedia

If you are looking for a premium set of 2.1 channel PC speakers with wireless connectivity, then the Klipsch Promedia is a good option to consider. It supports Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to connect your PC, smartphone, tablet and much more with ease. Furthermore, since it has a wireless system, you can also keep the subwoofer and satellite speakers at a distance from the PC, making it apt for people with less desk space. It uses a 200W digital hybrid amplifier to deliver a powerful sound output with clear acoustics, as claimed by the brand. The subwoofer has a control pod, which you can use to control the amount of boom you want in your room. The satellite speakers have a micro Tractrix horn coupled with poly compression tweeters and a 3-inch cone to deliver a robust sound output, as per company claims. Finally, a stylish design should make it ideal for modern-day users.

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