Portable party speakers

Portable party speakers

If you’re scouring the market for a solid portable Bluetooth speaker great for outdoor parties, then you’ve come to the right place. When you are choosing the most compatible companion, go for speakers that offer reliable performance and useful features. You can also enjoy your favourite music while camping, walking and more. Here are some options available that offer amazing features and specifications.

Zoook Rocker Thunder Stone

The Zoook Rocker ThunderStone is a 24 Watt Party Speaker that comes with Dynamic HD sound. The Dual Drivers with Bass radiators ensure that you can party to thumping beats. Its rugged build, ultra-tough body, and waterproof design make it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This is the party speaker that will put out amazing performance both in terms of clarity of music and a great bass punch. It has a stylish microphone, making it perfect for karaoke enthusiasts. This modern sound system elevates the music experience to a whole new level. All your entertainment desires will be definitely fulfilled as it comes with high FM Quality, USB, AUX, BT and FM (LCD Display). Simply stream your music with your smart device and enjoy on the go. 

Ant Audio Rock 150

The Ant Audio Rock 150 is a great product for those who want to party outdoors. This Bluetooth Party Speaker boasts of good sound quality, high bass output, and rechargeable battery with 2000mAh capacity, giving you uninterrupted enjoyment for a long time. Its features include Microphone FM Radio, Micro SD Card, USB MIC, Aux 3.5mm Support, and a detachable carry belt. The stylish and innovative design of this purchase will enable you to enjoy multi-colour LED lighting. It is durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry and operate. Its best feature is that it comes with a 4-inch subwoofer and 4Ohm + 1-inch tweeter, helping it achieve full range of stereo sound system reproduction. Its stylish design will be the talk of the town, and the mike will ensure glitzy karaoke nights. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for full value for their money. 

Zoook Rocker Boombox Atom 

The Zook Rockers Boombox Atom comes with bass radiators and 32W HD Sound, that ensure good sound output with little distortion. It also comes with FM support, and you can just auto scan and save stations in sequential order. The in-line controls include bass/treble control and USB Flash drive. It comes with various connection options that include Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, and AUX. The latest Bluetooth technology 5.0 enables hands-free calling. The appealing design makes Zoook Rocker Boombox Atom a great choice. Suitably created, this portable party speakers enable you to listen to your favourite songs even outdoors. With its stylish range of accessories and offers, this choice will give you ultra-clear and bass-heavy sound. This works for a long duration of time, giving you unlimited entertainment and more.

Mitashi PS 6510

The Mitashi PS 6510 is a portable Bluetooth Party Speaker and is a delight for every music aficionado. Its features include Plug & Play Only USB Port, AUX Input and Bluetooth technology, Recording Function, Flashing Light, and FM Radio. These standing speakers have a built-in microphone, soundbars and home theatres that bring out the best in your entertainment system. It enables you to use a wide variety of connections such as Bluetooth technology, AUX input, USB, SD card, etc. This way, you can enjoy your music without ever worrying about compatibility issues.

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