Best standalone microphones

Best standalone microphones

Whether you want to record podcasts, voiceovers, conference calls or stream games, you surely need a standalone microphone to get the best output. However, to find the ideal product, you first need to identify your requirements and then choose the microphone accordingly. If you want to record sounds from just one direction, then a cardioid microphone should do, but if you want to record multiple sounds then you should get an omnidirectional microphone. Here are four standalone microphones that are available on Amazon and have been selected on the basis of their features.

Razer Seiren X

If you are looking for a cardioid microphone, then this standalone mic from Razer should do just fine. Thanks to its sleek design, the microphone captures sounds at a tighter angle so that no other disturbances are captured, and this should result in clear audio. The device has a built-in shock mount, which should help in dampening the vibrations that can disturb your recording. The extender frequency helps in capturing the finer details of your voice so that you can offer your audience an output that sounds professional. Furthermore, it comes with zero-latency monitoring which helps you to monitor your audio while streaming without experiencing any echo. This helps you get an idea of what your audience gets to listen so that you can make the necessary changes to improve the output.

Blue Yeti

If you are looking for a standalone microphone with the ability to record in multiple patterns, consider this option from Blue. The Blue Yeti is an advanced mic that lets you record audio in cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo modes. The tri-capsule array in this microphone uses three condenser capsules that should help you to record in almost any situation. This feature allows you to use it to not only record a single voice but also conference calls, podcasts, field recordings, multiple instruments and so on. It is compatible with all latest Mac and Windows devices. It also comes with a mute button, so that you can stop the recording immediately under an unforeseen event. The mic also comes with a zero-latency monitoring feature to help you monitor your voice in real-time.

Samson Meteorite

How about having a portable standalone microphone that you can connect to your tablet or laptop to record sounds on the go? The Samson Meteorite is one such microphone that comes with USB connectivity features so that you can record high-quality audio files even when you are on the move. The 14mm capsule lets you record audio in a cardioid pattern, which means you will have to face the mouth of the mic. The magnetic base allows you to keep the mic stable while placing it at the angle you want and should help you record clear sounds even in crowded noisy places. It has a large condenser diaphragm to capture the natural warmth in your voice and give it some extra dynamic punch.

Shure MV5/A-LTG

Here is a stylish and compact standalone microphone from Shure that lets you record music, podcasts, video chats and much more. Thanks to an integrated headphone output, you can listen to your sound output in real-time and make the necessary adjustments to ensure good quality. You can connect the microphone to devices running on Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and so on. Do note that it has a special feature called Apple MFi for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods, allowing you to connect your devices to the microphones without the need of any additional adapters or connecting kits. One of the most user-friendly features of this microphone is that it automatically applies gain, compression and EQ settings to give you an optimal sound output.
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