Best soundbars for vocal clarity

Best soundbars for vocal clarity

When it comes to soundbars, it might be easier to find options that offer high sound outputs with great bass and treble. However, one thing that many of them miss delivering is good vocal clarity. This feature becomes extremely important when you are buying a soundbar to watch your favourite movies and TV shows. You should be able to hear the dialogue with utmost clarity, without any distortions or heavy bass in it. To bridge this gap, many brands have brought in specific technologies to improve the vocal clarity in their product’s sound output. Keeping this factor in mind, here are 4 soundbars that you should consider getting to improve your TV viewing experience.

Yamaha YAS-109 Soundbar 

Here is a soundbar with a minimalistic look. Having said that, it’s far from basic when it comes to its features. Thanks to the wireless connection, you can connect it to your TV to enjoy one of the best sound outputs in this segment. You get a good audio experience thanks to its Clear Voice technology, which ensures that every word you hear is quite clear and easy to understand. Apart from this, you also get a surround sound experience with this soundbar as it produces sound in multiple directions. Since it promises to deliver high sound and voice quality, it is perfect for you to listen to your favourite music and podcasts as well. With built-in Alexa, you can not only play music from any of the music streaming apps out there but also control your other IoT devices with ease.

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar Speakers

The Bose Solo 5 is a soundbar that comes with a special Dialogue Mode to make every word in the sound output crystal clear, as per the claims of the company. Bose also claims that they provide better sound quality than what your TV produces with this single soundbar. With one master connection for your TV, it can become the perfect companion for your TV to give you an immersive sound experience with high quality detailing. Apart from that, you can listen to your favourite songs using any of your devices by pairing it with the soundbar through Bluetooth. Thanks to the compact design of the soundbar, you can position your soundbar practically anywhere you want. Also, with the advanced bass system in place, you can enjoy action movies, gripping thrillers, your favourite Electronic music and more.

JBL Bar 2.0 Wireless Soundbar

The JBL Bar 2.0 wireless soundbar is one of the best budget-friendly soundbars in the market that not only delivers a surround sound effect but also great vocal clarity as well. With JBL’s Signature Surround Sound incorporated in this soundbar, it offers a 30W output and delivers an immersive sound experience with great bass output as well. Now, you should be able to watch your favourite movie or TV series with utmost clarity by connecting this wireless soundbar to your Smart TV. You can use your existing TV remote to control the soundbar to make it a hassle-free process as well. 

Sony HT-X8500

Sony presents a single 2.1Ch soundbar with Dolby Atmos technology through the Sony HT-X8500. Furthermore, thanks to its built-in subwoofers, you are in for a treat with this soundbar’s sound output. Sony’s unique Vertical Sound Engine technology produces sound vertically rather than just horizontally. The soundbar produces clear sounds as per the claims of Sony, which should make it ideal for an immersive TV watching experience by producing excellent vocals sounds. If you happen to have a Sony Bravia TV, you get wireless connectivity as well for this soundbar. The Sony HT-X8500 is ideal for gaming as well as the high-quality sounds should help in improving your in-game awareness.
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