Apple will charge $69 for lost or damaged AirPod

By Karthekayan Iyer | Updated 5 Jun 2017
Apple will charge $69 for lost or damaged AirPod
  • Apple will charge $69 for replacing a lost or damaged AirPod or the charging case

Apple AirPods, the wireless version of earpods went on sale finally this week. As one would expect, the question that loomed over the week was how much will it cost if you lost one of those AirPods. It seems you will have to shell out $69 to get hold of one of the AirPods.


Dealing with a lost AirPod might seem stupid and turns out it will be expensive too. According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino-based company plans to charge a cool $69 for replacing a lost or damaged AirPod or the charging case in the US. A brand new AirPod has started retailing for $159.

Apple AirPods come with one year warranty which includes audio issues and battery problems. Post that one year period, AirPods' standard repairs are pegged at $69 while the battery service is priced at $49.

Apple AirPods recently started shipping to customers in over 100 countries and it has already been delayed by over six weeks. Apple AirPods feature a new W1 chip, which allows AirPods to pair with iDevice the moment you pull them out of its charging case.


With Apple AirPods, users can summon Siri directly and it also supports controls like volume and play/pause via gestures. Interestingly, Apple AirPods pause the audio/video the moment you pull it out of your ear. Apple has built a neat set of audio device but $69 price for each AirPod is definitely a steep price.

Karthekayan Iyer

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