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Whatsapp will roll out 5 New Features Soon

Whatsapp is working on five new features that are designed purely to enhance your user experience. Check them out!

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 18 Oct 2021 18:55 IST
  • Whatsapp is working on 5 new features designed to improve user experience.

  • Some of these features include new privacy settings, message reactions, a global voice message player, brighter chat bubbles and backup options.

  • Many of these are already available to beta users.

Whatsapp will roll out 5 New Features Soon
Whatsapp will roll out 5 New Features Soon

WhatsApp is striving to improve user experience by working on five new features. Some of these are already available to Beta users, while others are still being developed and will be ready for a public launch in the future.

WhatsApp Voice Notes Feature

Whatsapp is working on a Global voice message player that will let you listen to voice messages even after you exit a chat window. Wabetainfo revealed that the voice notes will be pinned to the top of the chat and users will be able to pause them at any time. “In this case, you can continue sending messages to other contacts when you are listening to the voice message,” WaBetaInfo said.

WhatsApp Voice Notes Feature

New Privacy Settings

Whatsapp is working on new privacy settings that will allow you to hide your About Status updates, profile picture, and last seen information from specific contacts. This can help users enjoy a higher degree of privacy. 

Message Reactions Feature

The global chat platform is working on a new feature that allows users to react to messages by sending emojis (the way you would normally do in Instagram’s DIrect Messaging app). This will be available for group chats as well as private chats. All you need to do is tap and hold the desired message and select the appropriate emoji from the options that show up. 

Message Reactions Feature

Enhanced backup features

According to WabetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a ‘Manage backup size’ feature that allows users to select the kind of data they want backed up to the cloud. You can exclude heavy files such as documents and photographs from the daily backup to ensure your drive has more space. Reports indicate that this will only be available for Android users. 

WhatsApp’s new chat bubbles

WhatsApp recently released version for its beta users on the iOS platform, and this version shows rounded, brighter chat bubbles. The update has not rolled out to everyone yet, and is only available on the iOS platform as of now.

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