WhatsApp testing Instagram Stories-like ‘Status’ tab feature

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 4 Nov 2016
WhatsApp testing Instagram Stories-like ‘Status’ tab feature
  • Facebook’s apps are starting to look similar day by day

Whatsapp has started rolling out a new feature to those participating in the Android Beta Program. The v2.16.336 update adds a separate Status tab to the WhatsApp home, besides the Calls and Contacts tabs. However, being a part of the beta program isn’t enough, and user’s will need to have a rooted phone in order to see the new feature. It is not yet known if or when the feature will roll out to the rest of the users. The Status tab lets users share images and videos with their contacts. User’s can also choose who they wish to share those images with. In fact, it works in a manner similar Instagram Stories and Messenger Day, which are also owned by Facebook.


A few days back, WhatsApp rolled out a video calling feature for those part of the beta testing program. Unlike the v2.16.336 update, the video calling feature doesn’t need the user to have a rooted smartphone. However, it did require, the recipient to be a part of the program as well. Otherwise, it would let the caller know that it “couldn’t place a call.”

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