WhatsApp Stickers now available for everyone

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 6 Nov 2018
WhatsApp Stickers now available for everyone
  • After a limited release over the last few days, WhatsApp has now made the new Stickers feature available to all users across iOS and Android

WhatsApp has been the topic of many news stories in the past few weeks and all of them are positive. After news broke that the Facebook-owned messaging platform was going to run ads in users’ status updates, today, we get some good news. WhatsApp stickers, which had originally released for a small subset of the user base, is now available for all users across iOS and Android.


Stickers are hardly new, being originally introduced in Hike, an Indian messaging platform that tried to compete with WhatsApp. Since then Stickers have become available across practically every social media platform, aiding in the new ways people like to communicate now. While emojis are a great response to many statements, stickers add another dimension and personality to responses that goes beyond the emoji, but doesn’t require lengthy text messages. There used to be a time when it was considered cute talking in just emoji, and kids still do it today, but with stickers, conversation styles have taken on an added layer. Given this new trend, it was unlikely that WhatsApp would have left the feature out, especially given that Facebook has had stickers available in Messenger for a very long time now.

The stickers update now completes the popular feature set, after having added GIFs to the portfolio some time ago. If you don’t see the sticker option in your WhatsApp messenger yet, try updating the app to the newest version. You should see it soon.

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