WhatsApp Channels vs Groups: 7 key differences between them that you should know

WhatsApp Channels vs Groups: 7 key differences between them that you should know

WhatsApp Channels consist of groups of like-minded WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Channels is different from WhatsApp Groups

Here are the differences between Channels and Groups in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Channels was recently introduced as a private broadcasting feature. When you join a WhatsApp Channel, you are part of a group of WhatsApp users who share a similar tastes. But, this is different from WhatsApp Groups. Here’s how.

Channels vs Groups: How they differ from each other

1, WhatsApp Groups support up to 1024 members. WhatsApp hasn't revealed the number of subscribers to a Channel, ie., if there is one. 

Well, the channel admin will have the right to allow/decline entry. 

2. WhatsApp will feature a searchable directory of all Channels. There is no such feature for Groups as they are created and maintained for a more private reason. 

You wouldn’t want your family or office group to be searchable by anyone. But, a channel that shares/discusses tech news should be accessible to anyone. 

Having said that the admins can restrict their channel’s discoverability and who gets to follow it. 

3. WhatsApp Channels are not end-to-end encrypted as it is aimed at reaching a broader audience (but the company may add this to limited audience channels like a non-profit organization or important institution. 

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4. The profile photo and phone number of Channel admins won’t be shown to followers but there is no restriction on Groups. 

5. Unlike Groups, the Channel admin can’t see the phone number when you join it. So people can follow whichever Channel they want without disclosing their identity. 

6. Channel admins can block screenshots and forwards from their channel while such a power doesn't exist with Group admins. 

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7. Whatsapp also says channel history will be kept on the servers for up to 30 days only. In the case of WhatsApp Groups, there is a Disappearing Messages feature (with 24 hours, 7 days and 90 days duration) Also, there is the View Once feature wherein If the sender sends a View Once message/content, then that would be viewable one time.

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