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Microsoft is testing Android Apps on Windows 11

You may soon be able to run your favourite apps on your laptop as Microsoft is testing Android apps on Windows 11!

By Kajoli Anand Puri | Published 21 Oct 2021 18:25 IST
  • Microsoft is working on letting users run Android apps on Windows 11.

  • These apps will be powered by Intel’s Intel Bridge Technology.

  • This functionality will not be available on laptops that have an older Windows OS.

Microsoft is testing Android Apps on Windows 11
Microsoft is testing Android Apps on Windows 11

The launch of Windows 11 has brought quite a few changes to the overall user experience, including a less functional task bar and potential support for Android apps. While Windows 11 OS, as it stands at the moment, does not support Android apps, Microsoft has begun testing Android apps on the OS to ensure that it can do so in a future update. This should help create a more seamless experience for users who rely on multiple apps to get through the day.

Microsoft is testing Android Apps on Windows 11

What apps will be available on WIndows 11?

Microsoft has teamed up with Amazon and its app store to start testing Android apps and the way they function on the WIndows 11 OS. Some of the apps that it aims to bring users include Amazon’s Kindle app, The Washington Post app, Clash of Kings, Coin Master and Lego Duplo World.

Currently, these apps can be used by those who are on the Beta build. However, they will be soon rolled out to everyone once the initial bugs and glitches are fixed by Microsoft’s developers. 

These apps will also work on AMD and Intel devices, and will be running on what the company calls “The Windows Subsystem for Android,”. This subsystem runs on Intel’s Intel Bridge Technology. 

What apps will be available on WIndows 11?

What are the requirements to run apps on Windows?

In order to run apps on your WIndows-based laptops, you will need the Windows 11 OS. This means that your PC should ideally fulfill all of Microsoft's requirements for being able to run the WIndows 11 OS. Additionally, your PC must have virtualization enabled. 

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