iPhone users can make their own WhatsApp stickers now, very simple to do

iPhone users can make their own WhatsApp stickers now, very simple to do

OS has an updated version of WhatsApp

Now iPhone users can make their own WhatsApp stickers

No customisations are available yet, but the basic can be done

Every minute, WhatsApp users are sending some stickers without typing anything and saving a new sticker everytime they receive it from someone. So, stickers have created a hype in the WhatsApp world. What if you could make your own sticker just the way you wanted it to be? Using your friend's funny photo, or just a meme, or adding some text and colours you have a new sticker. Now that's possible without installing another app to make these on iOS devices. 

Recently, WhatsApp has debuted quite a few new features for its users and not wanting to be left behind, now iOS devices and iPhone users have been updated by WhatsApp with a lot of new features. One amongst them as I already mentioned is the fun feature of making your own sticker. 

For this feature the WhatsApp update version 23.7.82 is required which is available for eligible iPhones only. You can get your WhatsApp updated by going to the App Store. Once it's updated, you can start using the sticker maker tool and create fun stickers and send them to your friends. 

The process of creating these stickers is also backed by the iPhone's amazing editing skills. But creating these stickers is really fun and easy. Let's check out the process.


How to create WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone

Go to your gallery, and open the photo you want to create a sticker out of.

Press on the particular subject in the photo that you want to use on your sticker.

Once you long press on it, a small pop-up appears with options asking for copy or lookup. Select copy

Then go to WhatsApp and open any char there (for just testing the feature you can go to self-chat)

On the text box, paste the the image and it will automatically be sent as a sticker

Then you can add the sticker to your sticker collection.

You didn't  think it's that simple, right? This feature is actually very easy and fun. 

Unfortunately at the moment you can't customise your stickers by adding any text or doodling on it. But WhatsApp is set to get the features soon. As of now you can always use this easy method to turn your friend's funny picture into a sticker.

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