Instagram's new platform adds 3-second GIFs via the Boomerang app

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 23 Oct 2015
Instagram's new platform adds 3-second GIFs via the Boomerang app
  • Instagram’s new standalone app Boomerang, will let you make 3 second looping videos

Instagram, which is a widely popular photo sharing app across the three major platforms has now come with a standalone secondary app for Android and iOS, called Boomerang. It makes looping GIF like videos just like the Live Photo feature Apple showcased recently on iOS. The videos produced are just three seconds long and do not contain any sound.


It is a dead simple app and requires no login at all. The Boomerang app does not have a settings or options button. Once installed, the app opens up in the camera with a shutter button. Just aim the camera towards the subject and press it. The app takes five simultaneous pictures in burst mode for just over a second, stitches them and creates a seamless looping video. Once created, Boomerangs can then be shared directly on Instagram, Facebook and other supported social channels.

Also, sharing the Boomerang videos on Instagram or Facebook will allow users to edit the video accordingly via the respective apps. So, you will be able to put filters on it, if you are sharing the video on instagram. Besides this, instagram does support video sharing on its own but that feature is a vine competitor.

Adding to this, Boomerang isn’t a vine competitor. Boomerangs videos are just three seconds long and does not support sound. Whereas Vine videos are commonly scripted, are 15 seconds long and do feature sound. This isn’t a new approach, Instagram has been foraying into other categories as well with apps like Hyperlapse which came out previously. Hyperlapse, which is only available for iOS devices, quite simply makes time-lapse videos. Then, there was the layout app via which one could make picture collages.


There is no denying that the app does takes inspiration from various other apps which have been around for quite some time now, like the Google Photos animation. The Google Animation feature works similarly and automatically converts pictures taken in burst mode into GIFs.

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