Instagram adds support for multi-account switching with v7.15

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 9 Feb 2016
Instagram adds support for multi-account switching with v7.15
  • With more people using Instagram for business purposes, Instagram has added support for multiple account login and switching on iOS and Android

Instagram has finally added support for multiple account login and switching, with v7.15 for iOS and Android. In a similar format to Twitter, users can now add up to five accounts from one app. To ensure that you get this feature, update the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device to v7.15. Tap on your profile tab, and go to Settings. Scroll to the bottom, and you should see an option to ‘Add Account’, between ‘Clear Search History’ and ‘Log Out’. This is followed by a usual login screen, where you can add the new account’s ID and password.


To switch between accounts, tapping on your username at the top of your profile tab drops down a panel with the accounts that you have already logged in with, followed by an option to add accounts directly from there. Tap on the profile you wish to switch to, and you will be notified of the account switch. To log out, go to Settings and scroll down, and you get options to either log out of the profile you are currently on, or all of the accounts you had logged in with.

(L-R) Instagram v7.15 supports the feature; Add/Log Out of Accounts; Switching between Accounts

Instagram has been rolling out significant updates of late, and have recently expressed its focus on presenting a platform for products and businesses to present photo-based advertisements. Multiple brands such as Paper Boat, Cornetto, Grofers and the likes have taken to advertising on the social photography platform, presenting scrollable photo slides within advertisements. While adapting to the needs of businesses within its social platform, Instagram has stated that its main focus will remain on the presentation of quality photographs that will appeal to the audience, and urged brands to focus on the composition of a photograph being presented on the platform to reap in higher profits. This was an attempt to keep the basis of its operations same, while opening new avenues to generate revenue.


Earlier, Instagram allowed support for photographs with higher resolutions to be uploaded on the platform. Upon inception and until recently, Instagram only allowed its users to upload photos with a low resolution of 640x640 pixels. Additionally, with a square aspect ratio, it presented photo enthusiasts and users with a massive hindrance of cropping out essential section of photographs that could ruin the aesthetics of a photograph. In a crucial update in August 2015, Instagram added support for uploading photographs in landscape or portrait modes, while still keeping the option to upload in a square format, with upgraded resolution of 1080x1080 pixels.

Other updates to Instagram includes support for longer, 30-second videos on the platform, and creation of custom GIFs with its companion app, Boomerang. With multi-account support finally added, Instagram has added a crucial bit of convenience for users looking to focus on the social photography platform, for both personal and official requirements.

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