Instagram adds emoji support for quick commenting

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 10 Sept 2018
Instagram adds emoji support for quick commenting
  • The emoji support is now available for both Android and iOS. Instagram says that the feature was under testing since May.

With an aim to let people use emojis quickly while commenting on any post, Instagram has started to roll out an emoji-related feature on the platform. Android and iOS users can now update the Instagram app to get the new feature. The most used emojis are placed in a bar just above the keyboard when a user begins to comment on a post. Instagram says that the feature has been in public testing since May on both Android and iOS.


That feeling when your favorite emojis are right in front of you

Interestingly, the emoji bar won’t show up in other areas that the keyboard is used, like responding to a story or captioning the posts. Earlier, people used to depend on the keyboard for emojis and sometimes it used to take several seconds to search and post an emoji. The new feature will line up the frequently used seven emojis on the front. If you need to post an emoji, which is not in the bar just above the keyboard, you have to search for it in the keyboard like you have been doing previously. Also, the emojis that have different ‘skin tones’ can also be accessed from a small triangular sign just below that particular emoji.

In July, the company introduced ‘Reactions’ feature to the Stories on the platform. Earlier, the Stories screen used to have a ‘Camera’ button on the extreme left followed by a space to write a message for the person who has posted the story. In the new layout, there is a ‘Reaction’ button in the extreme left, the box to write the message now contains the ‘Report’ and the ‘Camera’ buttons. When you tap the ‘Emoji’ button that represents ‘Reactions’, a string of emojis pop up from the bottom aligned in a semi-circular fashion. Once you choose your favourite ‘Reaction’, the screen fills with that ‘Reaction’. There is a list of six ‘Reactions’ you can choose from.

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