Google’s new feature now allows you to understand your doctor’s bad handwriting

Google’s new feature now allows you to understand your doctor’s bad handwriting

The feature can decipher a doctor’s scribbled handwriting.

It is still a prototype and not available for public use.

It will save time and is hassle free.

Many people are not content with their doctor’s scribbled handwriting. For many people, reading what their doctor wrote and deciphering it into legible text is quite a hassle, and is a little time-consuming. This is in no way a new problem, and many tech companies have tried to counter this, but to no avail, so Google is now trying its hand at deciphering the unreadable.

In its annual conference in India, Google announced that it is working with pharmacists in order to explore various ways in order to decipher the handwriting of doctors.

About the Feature

This new feature is currently a prototype and is not yet available for market use. This feature, however, will allow users to take a picture of the prescription or upload the picture of the prescription in an image processing tool. Once the image has been processed, the app will be able to decipher the contents of the prescription and will help with identifying the medicines. This process was demonstrated by a Google executive during the conference.

Google, in a statement, said, “This will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents by augmenting the humans in the loop such as pharmacists”. They further added by saying that no decision that is based solely on this technology will be made.

In the South Asian Market, Google for India is the company’s annual event. It is here that the company showcases its new inventions and developments. Google also said that it is working on a single, unified model that covers more than 100 Indian languages in both text and speech, in order to help millions of people in the South Asian market.

India proves to be a very important market for Google, where there are around half a billion users, but it has also proved to be very challenging.