Google Voice finally updated for iOS 6, Maps and Translate still due

By Swapnil Mathur | Updated 27 Nov 2012
Google Voice finally updated for iOS 6, Maps and Translate still due

Two months is what it has taken Google to update Google Voice to be fully compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Well, it’s quite possible they’ve been working on it for longer, but since iOS 6 has been out for 2 months, we’ll consider it two months. As it turns out, Google isn’t the only turtle in the update race, as Bing and Nike are other prominent apps that have yet to make good with the iPhone 5’s larger screen.


While an update to Google Voice is much welcome, Google Translate is yet to go that route and for those of us who have an interest in randomly wanting to know what a phrase looks like in another language, this is a bummer. Of course you could just use the web interface, or a computer, but it’s sad to see the progress on Google apps be so slow for iOS 6.

Our biggest gripe however remains with the lack of a Google Maps app for iOS. The biggest flaw in iOS 6 has been the substitution of Google Maps for Apple’s own semi-baked Maps app, which is utterly useless when it comes to Indian roads. Prior to the release of iOS 6, Google had pushed the official YouTube app through the App store, so we’d hoped that a Maps app was to follow suite very soon. However, word is that the app is in its final stages and ready for submission to the App Store for review.

While we wait for Google’s key apps to get updated and released for iOS, we at least have Google Voice working splendidly. Not long till other apps follow suit we hope.

Swapnil Mathur
Digit's resident camera nerd, (un)official product photographer and the Reviews Editor

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