Flipkart to go app only from September, say reports

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 7 Jul 2015
Flipkart to go app only from September, say reports
  • Flipkart's move to the app has been rumoured for a while now and the company has indicated that it is interested in doing so.

It seems Flipkart’s app only test with Myntra has been going well. According to reports, the e-commerce leader is ready to go into an app-only model from September this year. Reports say that company CPO Punit Soni addressed employees in a town hall meeting last week, where he announced that Flipkart will be moving to the rumoured app only model. Myntra, which was earlier acquired by Flipkart, has already moved to this model for some months now.


Flipkart has said on multiple occasions that over 70% of its traffic is coming from mobile phones, which is why an app-only model makes sense for the company. The company has also been making efforts to draw consumers towards its app, with its app-only sales being the most significant of those efforts. Flipkart also recently added an image search option to its app. Through this, customers can click a picture and run it through the Flipkart database to search for products. The feature only applies to clothing right now though. Flipkart also allows users to search using bar codes, which is useful for buying books.

While there is no denying the fact that mobiles dominate the Internet traffic in India, how useful it is for Flipkart is yet to be seen. That said, Flipkart would of course have monitored Myntra’s performance after going app-only and if the rumours are true, it has decided that it is a safe move.

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