Facebook takes on YouTube, Twitch by adding ‘Gaming’ section to its mobile app

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 16 Mar 2019
Facebook takes on YouTube, Twitch by adding ‘Gaming’ section to its mobile app
  • The new Facebook Gaming section will enable users to directly access gaming related content like posts, videos, and more.


  • The Facebook app now features a dedicated gaming tab.
  • This new tab will enable users to access gaming related content like videos and post.
  • The company is also working on a standalone Facebook Gaming app. 



Gaming is one of the most thriving industries and banking on it to bring users back to its platform, Facebook is now rolling out a dedicated gaming tab to its mobile app. The Facebook Mobile app now features the ‘gaming’ tab, under which, users can find videos, news posts, groups and all things related to gaming. Users will get to see the Facebook Gaming tab with the latest version of the app. It is placed on the main navigation tab, enabling users to quickly access gaming related content. As per the social media company, there are about 700 million users around the world that participate in gaming related content. This engagement includes chatting with other gamers in communities, playing games or watching a game stream.

While the Facebook app will now feature a new tab dedicated to gaming content, the company also aims to release a standalone Facebook Gaming app with additional features."We're also continuing to beta test a standalone Facebook Gaming app on Android, which includes more features than you'll find in the Facebook Gaming tab," says Facebook. "We’re getting feedback from the gaming community as we consider further rollout plans." Additionally, the new gaming tab is said to be visible to a few users, "a small subset of the more than 700 million people who enjoy gaming on Facebook each month." Some users can find Facebook's new gaming section nested in the Bookmarks menu.

While Facebook is trying to rejuvenate its user base for the Facebook app, it’s other social media channel Instagram is faring better. The company is also reported to be working on implementing a ‘Watch Party’ like feature in Instagram. Jane Manchung Wong, the well known reverse engineer, spotted the code that hints at a similar feature in Instagram, which could be called ‘Co-Watch’ and be like Watch Party. Other reports suggest that users may be able to check out ‘Suggested’ video from Instagram as well. 

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