Facebook might restore chat feature in mobile app

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 13 Apr 2019
Facebook might restore chat feature in mobile app
  • Facebook might bring back ability to chat on main app

Looks like Facebook is doing us a good turn by eliminating the need for users to separately use the Messenger app and restoring the chat feature on the platform. The older Facebook app in the pre-Messenger days used to allow users to chat and browse the platform, all through the main app. Facebook later removed this option when Messenger was launched and currently, users have to navigate to the Messenger app in order to start a conversation, make calls or share photos and reactions.


Now, researcher Jane Manchun Wong has reportedly discovered an unreleased feature in the Facebook app that shows that the chat feature might be headed back to the main Facebook app. The researcher has not found any calling or sharing features as of now, but they could still be in development. The feature is currently said to be under testing.


Facebook recently introduced updates to two tools to give users more power to control their News Feed. The company says that the move will give users the ability to control the experience on the platform by further personalising what to see on their News Feed. According to Facebook, these updates are part of its ongoing investment in giving people more context and control on the platform.

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