Amazon may be planning to launch a YouTube competitor

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 21 Dec 2017
Amazon may be planning to launch a YouTube competitor
  • Following Google’s threats to remove YouTube from its devices, Amazon has filed a trademark request for ‘Amazon Tube’ and ‘Open Tube’

It seems like the little tussle between Google and Amazon over YouTube is set to get pettier. American website, TV Answerman reports that the US Patent and Trademark office has received a trademark request from Amazon for ‘Amazon Tube’ and ‘Open Tube’. The name itself suggests that online retailer may be planning to unveil its own YouTube competitor after Google decided to no longer support YouTube on Amazon devices.


While YouTube hasn’t been specifically mentioned, Amazon does mention that the service would offer “non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks on a variety of topics,” which sounds a lot like what YouTube does. It’s not yet known when, or even if Amazon plans to launch the service but its a pretty clear indication that the online retails is backing down from Google. 

To recall, the issue started after Google removed support for YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show device. A few months later, Google said that it would pull down YouTube from the FireTV Stick next year onwards. Apparently, the reason for this move is because Amazon refuses to sell Google products that directly compete with its own lineup of devices, This includes the Chromecast and Google Home. 

Starting its own video sharing service could helps Amazon negate the problems caused by the lack of availability of YouTube. However, the launch of the service may lead to a messy courtroom battle between the two companies. There have also been reports that the two companies have been engaged in “productive discussions” with the aim of reaching “an agreement for the benefit of our mutual customers.” For its part, Amazon has reportedly resumed the sales of Chromecast on its website, which could help ensure that FireTV stick users won’t miss out on YouTube.

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