Noise ColorFit NAV review – taking a look at Noise's first GPS smartwatch

By Manish Rajesh | Published 04 Aug 2020 21:31 IST
Noise ColorFit NAV review – taking a look at Noise's first GPS smartwatch
  • The Noise ColorFit NAV is the first watch from Noise featuring built-in GPS.

  • It features an IP68 rating and a sizeable 1.4-inch TFT display.

  • It will retail for INR 4,499.

The Noise ColorFit NAV is the first GPS-enabled smartwatch from the company. As such, in addition to GPS functionality, it also comes with a host of features one might expect from a smartwatch in this price range. So let's take a closer look at the Noise ColorFit NAV.


The ColorFit NAV at a glance resembles the Apple Watch in terms of design, with its square watch face, and the two buttons on the right side. They don't protrude out as much as the Apple Watch though. Too much protrusion sometimes causes the buttons to get pressed when you bend your hands backwards to push something, or when you're getting up and sitting down. The ColorFit NAV, like most of the Noise's smartwatches, uses a TFT screen. One thing to note is that the screen is rather sizable compared to other Noise smartwatches at a size of 1.4-inches with a resolution of 320x320. The extra really helps to show more info on the watchface. The details on the display we found were fairly clear, and the colors looked sharp as well. The watch comes with standard rubber-silicon straps, with clasps on them for easier attachment to the watch. The idea is that you can get additional straps to mix and match with your outfits if you so choose. It's nice to have the option. The watch itself is mostly plastic, and is pretty light at just 40g. The unit we got for review was "Stealth Black'' in colour, with a black watch body and straps.


Coming to the features, like we mentioned above, this is the first watch from Noise featuring built-in GPS. The 6-axis sensor in the watch is designed to be able to track your activities with more accuracy with regards to pace and distance. We didn't really get a chance to thoroughly test this out due to circumstances.

Upon turning the watch on, you can't actually begin using the watch unless you download and install the NoiseFit X app on your smartphone and pair it with the smartwatch. You're met with on-screen instructions directing you to do the above. Understandably, you need to pair the watch with your smartphone in order to use all of its features. However, it might be a turn-off to some if you can't use it right from the get go, since you can't use the watch at all the first time you turn it on unless it's paired. To make pairing easier though, they've put a QR code on the watch, simply view this QR code through the NoiseFit X app, and pairing is done seamlessly.

Coming back to features on the smartwatch, all the standard features are there, activity tracker, heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, alarms, music control, notifications, a breathing session app that's also integrated with the heart rate sensor. There are also 10 sports modes, including various indoor and outdoor activities that make use of the 6-axis sensor when it comes to tracking and logging. 

Ease of use

The Noise ColorFit NAV has two tactile buttons on its right side. Pressing either button wakes the watch up. The top button simply functions as a display on/off button, while the bottom button functions as a home/back button. This allows you to go back to previous menus or return to the home screen from whatever menu you're on. The touch controls are fairly simple, requiring standard swipe controls to get where you want to. The larger display makes it easier to tap on the apps you want to use. We did encounter a little lag when swiping around, but for the most part we didn't face too many issues. Swiping downwards from the home screen gives you quick access to the settings, brightness control, DND mode, aeroplane mode, battery life and the ability to ping your phone, in case you've lost it. All handy to have quick access to.

Battery life and more


The Noise ColorFit NAV houses a 180mAh battery, with a reported battery life of 4 days with extensive use. On minimal usage the battery lasts for pretty long. Keeping the brightness at a lower setting and not enabling lift to wake will further preserve battery.
The Noise ColorFit NAV comes with an IP68 waterproof rating as well, so you should be good to wear it for workouts and even in the rain without any hitches. 

NoiseFit X

The app that is required to be downloaded in order to use the watch is where you'll be seeing all your tracked info. Here you'll find a dashboard that shows all of your activity. You can customise the dashboard to show stats that are of concern to you. There's also a leaderboard feature where you can compete with other app users. Through the app, you can also change your watch faces and integrate with Google fit. The app can even be used to set a hand wash reminder.
The app is available for both iOS and Android, meaning naturally, the Noise ColorFit NAV is compatible with both. 


At a competitive price of 4,499, with the Noise ColorFit NAV you’re getting a smartwatch with all the expected smartwatch features in this price range. It features a large display with clear images, and plenty of room to use the touch controls freely. The 6-axis sensor and GPS are also a plus, in addition to a heart rate monitor which is the norm in most watches. However, there is no Spo2 sensor. Also, there were some instances of lag and delay when it came to navigation on the watch, but those were rare.

Price: 4,499

Build: 3.5/5
Features: 4/5
Battery: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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