I used the Dizo Watch D Pro for 2 weeks and here is my experience

I used the Dizo Watch D Pro for 2 weeks and here is my experience

Dizo recently launched the Dizo Watch D Pro and the Dizo Watch D Ultra in India. We have got the former with us and have been putting it to the test in the last few days. Dizo has offered a decent set of features for the ₹2,699 price tag like a nice build and finish, Bluetooth calling support, 150+ watch faces, 110+ sports modes, up to 7 days of battery life claim, and a single chipset powering all these. The brand is proud of packing a solo chip for driving the BT calling and other functions efficiently. Let’s see if the Dizo chipset really makes a difference and all in all, how’s the watch?

Dizo Watch D Pro: Design and Fit

Dizo Watch D Pro

Unboxing the Dizo Watch D Pro, you get the watch and its magnetic charging cable, besides the usual papers. Right from the first time I wore it, I was happy about its fit and finish. The 22m silicone strap is soft, designed well, and doesn’t cause any discomfort while staying strapped to the wrist for a long day. Since the strap is detachable, you can easily swap it with a third-party option. 

There is just one Dizo branding, which is also present quietly on the keeper. The main body thus appears as a black mesa. There is a subtle curve on the edges of the 2.5D tempered glass. When light falls on it, from a certain angle, it looks like an octagon. 

The only cheap-feeling part of the watch is the plasticky base. The good thing is that there is no major protrusion on the bottom of the watch. 

Speaking of protrusion, there is a rotating crown on the right side of the watch. There is an overlapping disc effect on it, which is a nice design choice.

Before we move to the next section, know that the Dizo Watch D Pro also has 1P68 dust and water resistance. That should be reassuring from a durability standpoint.

With that sense of confidence, let’s turn the lights on.

Dizo Watch D Pro: Display and UI

Dizo Watch D Pro

Click the crown to light up the 1.85-inch TFT display that dazzles with 600 nits of brightness and 240×280 resolution. Dizo underlines the 60Hz refresh rate and be it because of that and the light software inside, the animations and swiping experience feel snappy. 

You have to tap on the crown or raise the watch to activate the screen. Tapping on the screen does nothing. Further, you can swipe right to get to various tiles like Activity rings (very Apple-like), heart rate, weather, and music control. Meanwhile, swiping left from the homescreen takes you to a smart glance at Daily Brief, alarm, heart rate, and SpO2 readings. Press and hold on to the main screen to enter the gallery of watch faces. There are 5 available on the watch while you can download and replace from a choice of 100 backgrounds. Check the Dizo Health app for this.

Moreover, swiping up from the main screen shows the quick toggles (Do Not Disturb, Low Power Mode, Bluetooth Calling option, Brightness Levels, Raise To Wake) and the Settings button.

From the watch, you can tweak and toggle Display, Watch Face, Reminders, Battery, and General settings. The number of options is limited and basic as you would expect out of a watch in this range. 

Let’s now see how it performs for the price.

Dizo Watch D Pro: Performance

Dizo Watch D Pro

Dizo Watch D Pro comes with over 110 sports modes and I have used Free Training, Strength Training, Indoor Cycling and Outdoor Walk. The lattermost wasn’t working correctly; even with all the permissions granted, GPS wasn’t always locking accurately. There have been times when the Dizo watch shows 0.3/0.8 km for a 750-meter route. Other times when it decides to work, there will still be some disparity in the data, like a difference of 100 meters and the map doesn’t show the actual route taken.

Other than that, I kept count of stats like calories and heart rate during workouts. Again, the former had some accuracy problems. But, the average BPM count was reliable. 

Dizo Watch D Pro: Battery Life

Dizo Watch D Pro

Dizo claims 7 days of battery life without the calling function and one less with it. In my usage, the actual runtime was short by a couple of days. Two-hour use of it drains the battery by 6 per cent. Although not close to the claim, the RTOS and single chip offer a reasonable runtime. It should fare better for folks who don’t like taking calls on their watch.

When it comes to charging the thing, the bundled magnetic suction charger takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to fill the tank full. Again, good.

Dizo Watch D Pro: What do I think about it?

Dizo Watch D Pro

Dizo Watch D Pro is a decently built, brightly lit, nice-looking smartwatch that features the basics you would expect out of a watch at this price. However, some of those things like the actual tracking and battery life leave you wanting more. The activity tracker is a little finicky and the 4 days battery life is passable at best. But if those things suit your mileage, then Watch D Pro might just be the smartwatch for you. It is currently retailing for ₹2,699 on Flipkart.

G. S. Vasan

G. S. Vasan

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