How the lockdown has affected TV manufacturing and distribution in India

How the lockdown has affected TV manufacturing and distribution in India
  • We had a chance to speak with Arjun Bajaaj, Director Videotex International, Founder, Daiwa, and Shinco.

  • He talks about how the lockdown has affected the manufacturing of TVs in India.

  • He also highlights the company's contribution to society during these times.

If there is one thing people at home are doing during the lockdown is catching up with their favourite movies and TV shows. Some of us are even catching up on gaming on our consoles. Since the black mirror in our house is keeping us entertained, what better way to understand the future of this market in India than from those making TVs. We had a chance to visit the facility where Daiwa and Shinco TVs are assembled in India and today we talk to Arjun Bajaaj, Director Videotex International, Founder, Daiwa, and Shinco about how the lockdown has affected him personally and how the TV manufacturing business in being affected by the lockdown. You can check out the complete interview below. 

Talking about products, the company was planning on launching new TVs in the Indian market and that has of course been put on hold until the lockdown is lifted or at least eased in a way where the company can start selling its products once again. Not only the launch of new devices, but the supply chain has also been affected for TVs that are assembled in India. As great as the make in India initiative is, we all know that for most electronics like TVs and Smartphones, it is more assembled in India than made in India. Hopefully, this current situation we are in will push the government to take a more serious approach to actually make in India. 

Arjun has a positive outlook for after the lockdown predicting that there will be an increase in demand for large-size TVs when the lockdown ends. Even after the lockdown lifts, life will not go back to normal so it is obvious that people will want a more cinematic experience when consuming content at home. This will lead to a spike in demand in large screen TVs. Since Shinco and Daiwa offer 55-inch panels at affordable prices, it will be interesting to see how the demand for these devices shapes up. 

Coming to corporate social responsibility, Arjun tells me that he has donated TVs to the local hospitals. This will help those in isolation or facing difficulties pass the time with ease. How the country will operate at an economic level and how consumer buying behaviour will be affected by the economic slowdown is something only time will tell.

Sameer Mitha

Sameer Mitha

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