Best 4K TVs to enjoy IPL 2019

Best 4K TVs to enjoy IPL 2019

Looking to pick up a new TV to enjoy the IPL this year? We list the best TVs that money can buy that will give you an immersive experience.

Let’s face it, the TV is no longer just an idiot box. It is a window into different realms and worlds of entertainment. One such realm that has captivated the Indian audience is the world of cricket. IPL 2019 is underway and if you are one that wants to make the most of the cricketing fever that has engulfed the nation, then you need a TV that can immerse you in the experience. Touda we list the best TVs that money can buy that can be a gateway into the IPL match ensuring you don't just watch the match, but experience it first hand.

Sony A9F – Buy now

The Sony A9F launched in 2018 is the best TV money can buy. It is an OLED panel giving you deep blacks and rich colours. The TV is 4K and supports all HDR formats under the sun including Dolby Vision. If you are one that will watch the IPL matches in FHD, then know that the TV has good upscaling to ensure you get a crisp image. The TV is also features rich. It has the second generation Sony Acoustic Surface technology which makes the entire display a speaker. This ensures you feel the stadium with each match. The TV has three actuators and two subwoofers to give you an immersive experience. The TV can also work as a centre channel in your home theatre setup eliminating the need for you to invest in a centre channel. The TV runs on Android TV 8 out of the box with support for all streaming services and apps from the Google Play store. It also has Hotstar which you can log into to enjoy the IPL matches. 

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LG C8 – Buy now

LG’s OLED offering sees some improvements in picture quality when compared to its predecessor. However, the biggest addition has to be AI to its already fluid WebOS. The OLED TV has fantastic picture quality, ideal for those looking to delve into the sporting experience. The TV has good upscaling, and the speakers on the TV boasts of support for Dolby's surround sound features. The TV produces excellent picture quality and the best part is that the TV automatically selects the best picture preset for the content you are watching making the process of watching TV hassle free. 

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Samsung Q8C – Buy Now

The Samsung QLED Q8C is Samsung’s top of the line offering of 2018. The TV has a 4K HDR QLED Panel. The TV comes with a one connect box ensuring you don't need to struggle to connect your gadgets to your TV at the same time ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your home entertainment setup. The panel is one on which you can enjoy IPL 2019. You can also apply attractive background colours to the TV to ensure it doesn't look like a black mirror in your house when not in use. 

Sony X90F – Buy Now

If you don't want to get onto the OLED bandwagon, then you can consider the Sony X90F. The TV has a slim design and brings with Sony’s flagship technology in a LED-backlit LCD TV. The TV supports 4K, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision and runs on Android TV out of the box. It is ideal for those looking to enjoy the IPL match in well-lit rooms. OLED TV panels are quite reflective. The Sony X90F can work well in rooms that can’t go completely dark.​

Panasonic TH-55FX800D TV – Buy Now

If an LED backlit LCD TV from the house of Panasonic is what you are looking for then you can consider the 55FX800D. It has fantastic 4K HDR performance for the price, a simple to use UI and popular streaming apps in the app store. The TV is well built too and brings with it an interesting set of content sharing capabilities. You can consider this to enjoy the IPL in FHD. The TV has good upscaling too.

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