Here's why VoWiFi calling is more convenient than a WhatsApp/Skype call

Brand Story | Published 13 Mar 2020
Here's why VoWiFi calling is more convenient than a WhatsApp/Skype call

There has been a lot of talk about Airtel’s new VoWiFI calling solution it calls Airtel WiFi Calling. However, some questions still remain. The chief among them is why we need it and how is it any different from existing VoIP solutions that are available in the market? Let’s do a quick recap of that, shall we?

As you may already be aware, network connectivity inside buildings is usually not too great. This problem gets worse as you go deeper inside, till finally, you hit a dead zone where all network connectivity drops. Telecom providers are doing their bit to ensure that this doesn’t happen and are introducing newer and newer technology to combat the problem. For example, Airtel introduced the L900 technology that used the 900MHz band to improve connectivity indoors. However, Airtel WiFi Calling may be able to improve indoor calling even further. Airtel WiFi Calling works by piggybacking on an existing Wi-Fi network that is found in most homes and offices. It uses that network to make a call over the internet.

Of course, the big question here is what makes Airtel WiFi Calling any different from existing VoIP services like WhatsApp or Skype calling? Well, its simplicity and convenience. 

You see, unlike those services, Airtel WiFi calling does not need you to open a separate app to use the service as it uses your phone’s standard dialer to make the call. Further, It does not need your contacts to install those apps in order to complete the call. This means that you can make a call via Airtel WiFi Calling to anyone without any hassles. 

Not only that, but the service does not need you to sign up or anything. Not only does this mean that you are not giving away personal details like your phone number or email address. So your personal details will be safe from any data leaks or breaches. 

As one can see, the simplicity and convenience of Airtel WiFi Calling mean that service can be used by almost anyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Since its inception in December last year, The service is already available across the country except in Jammu and Kashmir, so almost everyone in India will be able to make use of the service.

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