12 useful Universal Apps for Windows 10 users

By Shrey Pacheco | Updated 4 Feb 2016
12 useful Universal Apps for Windows 10 users
  • Wondering which Windows apps have upgraded to the Universal Apps platform? Well, here are some!

The Universal Apps platform has been one of the highlights of the Windows 10 operating system. The idea is that these apps will automatically adapt to any device running the operating system, regardless of whether it’s a tablet, smartphone or even a desktop. Microsoft basically wants developers to build for device families, instead of OSs. It's a good idea, on paper, especially for those with multiple Windows 10 powered devices, but its success remains to be seen. Here are a some Universal Applications that Windows 10 users can try out.


Adobe Photoshop Express
While it isn’t that complete Photoshop experience that many purists would prefer, it is still a pretty nifty app for those who just want a basic photo editor. Adobe Photoshop Express lets users crop, rotate, adjust colour, remove red-eye, and more quickly. It also comes with a set of filters to a dash of pizzazz to any picture.

Fresh Paint 
Fresh Paint is a modern take on Microsoft’s venerable MS Paint that we all must have used at one point or the other. The app features a number of brushes, paints and colours to let you create your own masterpiece. What sets it apart from other similar applications is its realism. The images you create actually resemble paint on canvas. The creations can then be saved as PNG files and shared on social media websites.


The best known streaming service in the world is now available in India and it comes with a universal app too. The subscription based service lets you stream movies or TV shows to your phone, tablet or desktop and will remember where you left off and remember your prefered genres. The service also features support for multiple profiles, which let users assign separate profiles for other people using the same account.

The popular food discovery app is also aavailable in the universal app format and lets you find restaurants quickly. The service lets you find nearby restaurants or one serving the specific cuisine that you are craving. You can also rate restaurants and customer reviews to let everyone know your views. 


Flipboard lets users create personalised magazine subscriptions based on your interests. The grid-like design goes well with Microsoft’s tile-based interface and reading articles is quick and easy. Flipboard can also be linked to your social media account, and can be used to read magazines created by your friends.

The Dropbox app lets users access photos, files, and videos from almost anywhere via the cloud. Users can also create, share and manage folders via the app. They can explore folders, see file previews, and also manage settings such as account security.


The popular e-commerce website’s universal app lets users search or buy a variety of different products ranging from books to electronics.  Users can keep track of any orders that they have placed, their wish list, and other settings. It can also let users avail the app-only deals that Flipkart has.

Plex is a service that lets users organise their content from personal media libraries and then stream it to any smart device. It is also a media player system and media service that organises media stored on local devices. The app is free, but there is also a subscription that users can avail to get additional benefits.


Wunderlist is a productivity app that lets users make lists, store ideas, develop projects or even plan trips and share them with other people. The universal app lets you sync your data between your devices. This ensures that you can always access it whenever you want.

While the app isn’t free, the information that it provides is worth it for almost any student. Users will be able to compare area, masses, and other dimensions using Wolfram’s massive collection of information. They will also have access to information on a number of other topics like music, words, health, and more.

Foursquare is a service that lets users find places nearby. The app doesn’t require an account to use, but with regular use, it can try and learn your tastes and make suggestions accordingly. You can also save your favorite places or even leave reviews about any particular restaurant.

Groove Music
Groove Music lets users listen to their favourite songs or artists and curate their own playlists. They can also discover new music, with custom radio stations based on the artists that they like. Users can also sign up for a Groove Music Pass if they want the service to be ad-free.

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