Going convertible with laptops the right way

Going convertible with laptops the right way

Like laptops but like tablets just as much? How do you go about getting the right convertible laptop? Read on to find out.

With each passing summer, the gap between icebergs at the poles is widening and the gap between the laptop and the tablet is narrowing. More and more convertible laptops are entering the market with the hope of combining the processing capability of a full-size laptop with the portability of a tablet. With Microsoft working tirelessly at making Windows 10 more touch friendly by the release, it's a great time to switch to a convertible laptop. 

The first requirement is quite obvious: you definitely want your convertible laptop to have a touchscreen, and a good one at that. Luckily most laptop touchscreens these days are modern capacitive units and are very responsive in nature. However, if you want a high-precision screen for drawing and writing (with a proprietary stylus and palm-rejection capabilities especially), you might have to spend more. It should be mentioned though that touchscreen displays are notorious for higher battery drain. They also tend to make the device quite heavy.

There's no point getting a touch-friendly laptop if you need to be Thor to lift it. Convertible laptops ought to be light so they can be lifted easily and twisted and folded. A weight of 1–1.7 kilogrammes is ideal for a convertible laptop. Anything more and you're getting a workout. Since the screen size is generally proportional to the weight of the computer, a device with a 12–13-inch screen should be perfect. Besides, you wouldn't need a very big screen since the device is hold close to your eyes most of the time.
Battery life

A long battery life is essential for hybrid laptops because they're designed for working on the go. They typically employ low-power components on the chip to make the computer run longer between charges. Watch out for multiple battery options at the time of purchase. Some models come with multiple battery capacity options. Some others come with an extra inbuilt battery so the user-accessible battery can be swapped easily while the device is running. Also, ensuring the lack of a large, cumbersome power brick in the charging cable can make a huge difference to portability.

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