You chose the Nexus 5 as the Gadget of the Year (2013): Poll

By Team Digit | Published on 17 Jan 2014
You chose the Nexus 5 as the Gadget of the Year (2013): Poll
  • The Nexus 5 stood tall amidst some heavy competition from the iPhone 5S, Nokia Lumia 1020 and the iPad Air to emerge as your pick for the best gadget of 2013.

You can’t really call this result surprising, can you? The Nexus 5 was by far the most popular technology product when it came to discussions among our readers and as a result, it has been voted as the most popular tech product that was launched in 2013 with a sizeable majority of votes. 

Out of almost 7,000 readers who voted, nearly 50% of votes went towards the Nexus 5. The Nokia Lumia 1020 followed with about 25% of the vote followed by two Apple products- the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air with about 20% and 8% of the votes, respectively.

To get a better understanding of how you voted, check out the pie chart below:

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