This video of Boston Dynamics' robotic dog opening doors is the coolest tech thing of the day!

By Adamya Sharma | Published on 13 Feb 2018
This video of Boston Dynamics' robotic dog opening doors is the coolest tech thing of the day!
  • The YouTube video of Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robotic dog locating a door handle and opening the door with insane finesse is probably the coolest thing you'll see today.

If you’ve seen Black Mirror season 4’s Metalhead episode, get ready for some nostalgia!

It’s scary, yet exciting and the coolest thing on the internet today. Boston Dynamics, the american robotics company, just uploaded a YouTube video of its SpotMini robotic dog locating and opening a door for its buddy. Yes, the SpotMini actually holds the door open while its buddy, a second SpotMini robo dog exits the room.

The 30 Kg-heavy robot mutt uses an articulating arm attached to its head to pull the door open. However, the bigger feat is the fact that it has intelligence enough to accurately recognise and locate the door handle in the first place, as well as keep the door open while the other SpotMini exits the room.

With its latest achievement, the SpotMini doggo adds to its list of abilities which include - handling objects, climbing stairs, and operating in offices, homes and outdoors. SpotMini is an all electric canine and can function for 90 minutes on a full charge, not sure that’s more than what my beagle Milo can achieve, but who’s complaining! It’s definitely quieter than my beagle and uses a suite of sensors to make its way around intelligently (Milo needs to catch up!). The SpotMini's sensors include - stereo cameras, depth cameras, an inertial measurement unit, and position/force sensors in the limbs.

Perhaps all the robotic canine needs now is a friendly tail that could perform some mind-blowing stunts of its own! Watch the full video below.

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