LibreOffice Extension and Template repository open for beta testing

By Kshitij Sobti | Published on 13 Sep 2011
LibreOffice Extension and Template repository open for beta testing

LibreOffice has been a rather successful fork of, having now replaced its parent in nearly all Linux Distros, and has attracted quite a few developers from the community.

Like, LibreOffice too is quite extensible and supports many of the extensions that are available for Sun / Oracle has had an online repository of free and non-free addons that extend the features of the office suite for quite a while now, and now LibreOffice is following suit.

The repositories for Extensions and Templates are now open to the public in beta form, and LibreOffice extension and template developers are encouraged to submit their work to this repository.

The extensions available on the site will go through a community review process to weed out malware, and tag quality addons as such.

The repositories which can be accessed from here (for extensions) and here (for templates) already have a number of addons available. For example, you can download extensions for showing the word count, generating the filler text "Lorem Ipsum" and a number of dictionaries etc. are available.

A number of popular extensions were already added by default when was forked as LibreOffice.

Kshitij Sobti



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